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Furniture Quotation Request

Please feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail before completing this request to answer any questions you might have.

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Length: Standard bench length is 60". Additional length to a maximum of 72" at $6.00 per additional inch.

Classic: Oak: $795.00 Quantity: Length:
Welcome Desk / Alter, Oak: $1,095.00 Quantity: Length:
Chancel Furniture: See pricing Quantity: Length:
Alternate Wood Choice: Please contact for further information.
Symbol Style:
Note: some symbols have complicated designs and/or lettering. They must be reviewed for manufacturing requirements. In some cases simplification may be required. Also the artwork may need to be redone for clarity and manufacturing requirements. All artwork will need to be scanned.
Min-Wax stain color:
Since it is difficult to reproduce stain colors accurately, please review the Min-Wax color choices at any Sherwin-Williams or home improvement store to make your decision.
Cushion Color:
The fabric colors shown are close approximations to the fabrics available. However they are not absolute color matches. Additional fabric colors available.
Customer Comments:
This quote request will be reviewed and a preliminary quote will be sent to you. Also required is an acceptance of the "Terms and Conditions" which will be forwarded to you with the formal quote. Purchase requirements are 50% with the order and 50% before shipping takes place. A photo of the completed furniture will be e-mailed to you before shipping. Shipping at actual cost. Lewellen Design, Inc. reserves the right to refuse any order which it finds inappropriate.